New at Wholefoods House
Eat Gourmet Yoghurt Greek Unsweetened 150g
$3.65 each
Barambah Cheese Dumaresque Cheddar Slice 210g
$9.75 each
Paris Crk Yoghurt Org Greek 500g
$7.65 each
Living Planet Full Cream Milk 1L
$3.99 each
Organic Dairy Farmers Butter Salted 250g
$7.99 each
Barambah Dumaresq River Cheddar Tasty Shredded 250gm
$12.45 each
Organic Dairy Farmers Butter Organic Unsalted 250g
$7.99 each
Gluten Free
Good Bones Bone Broth Chicken 500ml
$13.65 each
Vannella Bocconcini 180gm
$7.99 each
Schulz Milk Full Cream Organic 1l
$4.25 each
Nutty Bruce Unsweetened Almond Milk 1L
Vegan Friendly
$6.45 each
Jacques Kitchen Hummus Chickpea 200g
$5.65 each
Barambah Milk Full Cream 2L
$8.45 each
Barambah Organics Cheddar Block 250gm
$12.45 each
Country Valley Milk Full Org 2ltr
$7.99 each
Barambah Milk Full Cream 1L
$4.75 each
Mungalli Cheese Ricotta Org 325g
$12.55 each
Schulz Yoghurt Greek 500g
$5.85 each
Symons Cheese Parmesan 150g
$9.99 each
Nutrisoy Tofu Organic 350g
Asian Foods
$4.95 each
Meredith Goat Chevre 150g
$7.99 each
Darikay Soup Lentil 560ml
$7.25 each
Nutty Bruce Organic Almond & Coconut Milk 1l
Vegan Friendly
$6.45 each
Earth Source Tofu Firm 375g
Asian Foods
$9.65 each
Meredith Dairy Marinated Goat Cheese 320g
$12.99 each
Schulz Organic Cream 200ml
$6.75 each
Barambah Cream Fresh 200g
$7.59 each
Barambah Sour Cream 200ml
$7.99 each
Love & Bones Broth Chicken 1L
$29.65 each
Schulz Organics Milk Full Cream 2lt
$7.99 each
Barambah Yoghurt Natural 1kg
$12.99 each
Love & Bones Broth Chicken 500ml
$15.75 each
Bondi Yoghurt Coconut 250ml
$11.85 each
Country Valley Milk Lite Org 2ltr
$7.99 each
Symons Butter Salted 250g
$7.99 each
Lartisan Organic Haloumi 200gm Cows/​Aust
$10.75 each
Lurpak Butter Spreadable 200gm
$7.59 each
Barambah Natural Yoghurt 500g
$7.45 each
Maffra Mature Cheddar 150gm
$6.85 each
Norco Cheese Natural Slices 250gm
$7.79 each
Yalla Rhubarb Ginger 350g
$10.99 each
Meredith Yoghurt Goat 500g
$6.99 each
Vannella Buffalo Mozzarella 125g
$11.45 each
Mantova Grana Padano 200gm
$10.75 each
Meredith Yoghurt Sheepmilk 500g
$6.99 each
Yalla Yoghurt Strawberry Pomegranate 135g
$4.99 each
Barambah Milk Lactose Free 1L
$4.75 each
Barambah Yoghurt Lactose Free 500g
$7.45 each
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