Good Bones Bone Broth Chicken 500mL

$13.79 each
Gluten Free


INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Chicken Bones and frames from Inglewood Farms, free from hormones and antibiotics Filtered water, free from added chemicals like fluoride and chlorine Certified Organic, Australian-grown vegetables and herbs including carrot, onion, garlic and seasonal herbs. Bio-dynamic apple cider vinegar Olsson’s 100% sea salt, free from bleach or other additives BENEFITS: Reduces inflammation Promotes a strong and healthy immune system Supports strong and healthy bones Reduces joint pain and faster recovery from sport and injuries Aids digestion and heals the lining of the gut aka ‘leaky gut’ Decreases food allergies & intolerances such as gluten and lactose Aids in the treatment of intestinal disorders Promotes a healthy balance of good/bad bacteria in the gut Increases collagen for healthy tight skin, hair shiny and nails strong