Barambah Yoghurt Vanilla 500g
$7.65 each
Blue Bay Goat Kefir
$6.85 each
Botanical Cuisine Vegan Butter Cultured 275g
Vegan Friendly
$16.50 each
Gluten Free
City Larder Pate Duck Cherry 150g
$16.99 each
Core Ghee Organic 250g
$22.99 each
Jacques Kitchen Hummus Beetroot Walnut 200g
$6.45 each
Lemnos Fetta Cheese Goat's Milk 180g
$13.55 each
Made For Mothers Broth Immune Chicken 500ml
$14.45 each
Meander Valley Cream Double 200ml
$5.99 each
Mungalli Yoghurt Davidson Plum 500g
$8.49 each
Naked Byron Vegan Aioli 435gm
Vegan Friendly
$11.55 each
Paris Creek Cheese Bio Dynamic Cheddar 180g
$15.99 each
Peace Love and Vegetables Cheese Cashew Chipotle 280g
$15.35 each
The Stock Merchant Bone Broth Beef 500g
$14.45 each
Tribal Tastes Blackeye Beans 500g
$14.99 each
Vegan Dairy Cheese Dill Chevre 190g
Vegan Friendly
$13.99 each
Way Better Bone Broth Beef 1L
$25.99 each
Yalla Hummus 350g
$7.99 each
Yalla Meal Pumpkin Chickpea Curry 570g
$8.65 each
Amphore Kefir Cocomilk 400g
$13.35 each
Babushka Kefir Yoghurt Coconut 1L
$11.99 each
Barambah Yoghurt Passionfruit 200g
$4.29 each
Botanical Cuisine Feta Macadamia Persian Style Vegan 275g
Vegan Friendly
$21.99 each
Coyo Coconut Milk Yoghurt Mango 500g
Vegan Friendly
$11.79 each
Coyo Yoghurt Natural Probiotic 900g
Vegan Friendly
$18.85 each
Darikay Soup Thai Pumpkin 560ml
$7.25 each
Divine Dairy Brie Double Cream 200g
$11.45 each
Eat Gourmet Yoghurt Vanilla Rose 150g
$4.15 each
Foleys Beetroot Kraut Raw Organic 500g
$15.85 each
Kehoe's Kitchen Tasty Paleo Cream Cheese 250g
$15.99 each
Love & Bones Broth Beef 500ml
$16.45 each
Love Your Guts Sauerkraut Carrot Caraway 250g
$7.45 each
Meredith Yoghurt Sheepmilk 1kg
$14.45 each
Mullumbimby Pesto Basil 235g
$11.99 each
Naked Byron Vegan Mayonaise 435gm
$11.55 each
Nutrisoy Tempeh Tasty 300g
Asian Foods
$5.75 each
Nutty Bay Cheese Chive Shallot 270g
$16.79 each
Oatly Oat Cream Organic 250ml
$4.99 each
Paris Creek Cheese Bio Dynamic Gouda 200g
$19.99 each
Peace Love & Vegetables Superkraut Green 580g
$18.65 each
Primasoy Tempe Organic 225g
Asian Foods
$8.49 each
Gluten Free
Sol Ghee Organic 275gm
$22.95 each
Soyco Tofu Thai Style 200g
Asian Foods
$5.30 each
Tribal Tastes Meal Quinoa & Lentils 500gm
$15.99 each
Yalla Hummus Turmeric 200g
$5.99 each
Yalla Meal Cauliflower Potato Curry 570g
$8.65 each
Yalla Soup Harira 570g
$6.35 each
Yarra Valley Cheese White Savourine 200g
$21.35 each
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