Gluten Free
Made In Hemp Hulled Seed 100g
Vegan Friendly
$12.50 each
Marigold Stock Cube Low Salt 72g
$8.45 each
Gluten Free
Mary's Gone Crackers Super Seed Classic 155g
$10.99 each
Master of Spices Salt Himalayan Pink 210g
$7.45 each
Mt Zero Olives Kalamata 300g
$11.50 each
Nakula Coconut Milk 400g
Vegan Friendly
Asian Foods
$3.65 each
Nolans Road Olive Oil Delicate 1.​5lt
$69.99 each
Nutritionist Choice Brown Rice Noodle Miso 60g
Asian Foods
$3.99 each
Gluten Free
Olive Green Amaranth Rice Penne 300g
$7.35 each
Pic's Really Good Peanut Butter Smooth 380g
$8.89 each
Proper Crackerbread Rye With Fennel & Poppy Seed 115g
$8.85 each
Proper Crisps Crisps Onion With Green Chives 150g
$6.99 each
Proper Hand Cooked Crisps Rosemary And Thyme 150g
$6.99 each
Spiral Foods Organic Sesame Oil 500ml
Asian Foods
$14.75 each
Spiral Mustard Dijon 200g
$6.85 each
Spiral Vinegar Red Wine 250ml
Asian Foods
$7.25 each
Temole Cauli Puffs Sea Salt 56g
$4.55 each
Whisk and Pin Dry Fruit Salad 50g
$7.99 each
Wholefoods House Almonds Organic 500g
House Label
$29.99 each
Wholefoods House Cashews Raw Organic 500g
House Label
$19.99 each
Wholefoods House Coconut Organic Shredded 250g
House Label
$4.99 each
Wholefoods House Penne Brown Rice Org 500g
House Label
$11.99 each
Wholefoods House Quinoa Organic 500g
House Label
$8.99 each
Wholefoods House Rice Brown Bd Rf Mg 500g
House Label
$7.75 each
Wholefoods House Sesame Seeds Org 250g
House Label
$5.85 each
2die4 Activated Pepitas 100gm
$10.35 each
Absolute Organic Oil Coconut Extra Virgin 300g
$9.85 each
Aurelio Basilico Pasta Sauce 500g
$5.75 each
Biagi Tomato Puree Organic 690g
$6.45 each
BioOrto Passata Organic 520g
$11.55 each
Boulder Chips Sea Salt 142g
$6.65 each
Ceres Organic Polenta Quick 400gm
$6.99 each
Gluten Free
Ceres Organics Coconuts Wafer Rolls Original 22 Rolls 80g
$4.99 each
Cornersmith Pickle Bread and Butter Cucumber 375g
$16.50 each
Dalhousie Jam Strawberry Organic 285gm
$8.65 each
Deli Grains Crisps Brown Rice 100g
$4.30 each
Every Bit Organic Raw Avocado Oil 250ml
$19.99 each
Feel Good Corn Chips Nacho 500g
$9.65 each
Gimme Seaweed Roasted Teriyaki 10g
$3.99 each
Global Organics Tomato Paste 200g
$5.55 each
Good Morning Cereals Puffed Buckwheat 125g
$6.99 each
Good Morning Cereals Puffed Multi Grain 125g
$6.99 each
Gourmet Herbs Cinnamon Quills 20g
$4.65 each
Gourmet Herbs Cumin Ground 30g
$4.65 each
Honest To Goodness Peanut Butter Organic Smooth 375g
$6.75 each
Honest To Goodness Tahini Hulled Organic 375g
$8.25 each
Jimjam Sauce Pasta Veggie 540g
$10.75 each
Kialla Pancake Mix Original 325g
$9.45 each
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