Frozen Foods

New at Wholefoods House
Elgin Blueberries Wild Org 350g
$12.25 each
Elgin Organic Frozen Peas 600g
$10.99 each
Viking Blueberries Wild Organic 400g
$12.99 each
Elgin Organic Frozen Mango 350g
$10.99 each
Elgin Organic Spinach Chopped 500gm
$11.55 each
Viking Raspberries Organic 400g
$14.45 each
Oob Organic Frozen Potato Wedges 500g
$5.95 each
Elgin Organic Frozen Pineapple 350g
$14.85 each
Viking Mixed Berries Organic 400g
$14.75 each
Mattys (​Paddy the Baker) Pizza Base Sourdough 2pc
$13.99 each
Oob Organic Frozen Strawberries 500g
$14.99 each
Pasta Emilia Tortelli Spinach 320g
$18.99 each
Amazonia Acai Smoothie Pack 4x100g
$9.99 each
Oob Organic Frozen Blueberries 450g
$14.99 each
Pasta Emilia Lasagne Beef 330g
$14.99 each
Pastabilities Beef, Caramelised Onion & Red Wine 450g
$25.99 each
Pure Pops Passionfruit Quench 80ml
$4.75 each
Berryfields Frozen Mixed Berries 450g
$11.99 each
Careme Pastry Puff 375g
$12.65 each
Elgin Organic Frozen Blackberries 350g
$12.65 each
Pastabilities Ravioli Lamb Tomato, Garlic & Rosemary 450g
$27.25 each
Pure Pops Strawberry Rhubarb Vanilla 80ml
$4.75 each
Viking Mango Chunks Organic 400g
$9.99 each
My Berries Frozen Blueberries 350gm
$9.85 each
Xin Hua Dumplings Wagyu 400g
Asian Foods
$10.45 each
Elgin Mixed Berries Organic 1kg
$27.99 each
Elgin Organic Frozen Blueberries 350g
$10.25 each
Elgin Organic Frozen Spring Harvest 600g
$10.55 each
Maggie Beer Ice Cream Rich Vanilla 500ml
$11.99 each
Pana Almond Choc Sticks 3x315ml
$13.99 each
Pastabilities Gnocchi Potato 450g
$15.99 each
Pure Pops Mini Pack 12pk
$21.99 each
Sourdough Pizza (​Bondi) Funghi Frozen 550g
$17.99 each
Sourdough Pizza (​Bondi) Margherita Frozen 550g
$17.99 each
Denada Pops Choc Caramel 3x105ml
$13.99 each
Elgin Organic Frozen Corn 600g
$10.75 each
Gluten Free
Gluten Freedom Pizza Base 2pk 400g
$10.45 each
Oob Organic Frozen Mixed Berries 500g
$14.99 each
Pasta Emilia Tortelli Mushroom 320g
$19.99 each
Pure Pops Double Choc 6 Pack
$16.99 each
Viking Blackberries Organic 400g
$10.75 each
Berryfields Frozen Mango 450gm
$14.85 each
Gluten Free
Byron Pies Gluten Free Steak 220g
$8.55 each
Elgin Organic Frozen Pomegranate 350g
$11.35 each
Made For Mothers Soup Chicken 1kg
$36.55 each
Mattys (​Paddy the Baker) Pizza Base Spelt Organic 2pc
$13.99 each
Elgin Organic Frozen Strawberries 350g
$8.99 each
House Of Goodness Dumpling Pork Spring Onion 285g
Asian Foods
$13.99 each
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