Elgin Blueberries Wild Organic 1kg

$27.99 each
Gluten Free


Wild Blueberries may be tiny but they have massive flavour!! Packed full of nutrition and incredible natural healing qualities that your body needs. Whether you add them to smoothies, bake them in a muffin or sprinkle them over yoghurt, they make an ideal snack. Frozen within hours of harvest to maintain freshness. ABOUT ELGIN ORGANICS: In the prestigious world of organic food, Elgin Organic has unequivocally lamented its position as one of the most respected and prominent names. Elgin Organic products proudly display the Australian Certified Organic logo. After stringent processes and procedures, achieving the certification is no small feat. Elgin Organic products are individually quick frozen. This means that whilst the product is free flowing, the nutrition and flavour is preserved, providing you with the highest quality frozen fruit and vegetables.


Certified Organic Wild Blueberries.