Australia's Best Certified Organic Fresh Produce

Zucchini Green
$1.69 each (approx.) $9.99 per kg
Watermelon Seedless
$12.58 per cut (approx.) $6.99 per kg
Tomatoes Truss
$8.10 per small bunch (approx.) $18.00 per kg
Tomatoes Round
$2.07 each (approx.) $15.99 per kg
Tomatoes Roma
$1.44 each (approx.) $16.00 per kg
Tomatoes Cherry Snack Petite Punnet 200g
$6.99 each
Tomatoes Cherry Punnet 200-250g (​Eldridge Organics or Similar)
$6.99 each
Tomatoes Cherry Medley Loose
$4.00 Per 100g $39.99 per kg
Sweet Potato Gold
$3.99 each (approx.) $9.99 per kg
Sprouts Sunflower Energetic Greens 50g
$8.99 each
Spinach Rainbow Chard Bunch
$5.99 each
Local Produce
$5.99 each
$7.99 Per Half (approx.) $7.99 per kg
$8.99 each
Red Dandelion Bunch
$4.99 each
Local Produce
Radish Red Bunch
$4.99 each
Pumpkin Japanese
$4.79 per quarter (approx.) $5.99 per kg
Potatoes Sebago (​now order per kg)
$5.99 per kg
Potatoes Dutch Cream (​now order per kg)
$5.99 per kg
Plums Sugar
$22.00 per kg
$1.99 each (approx.) $19.99 per kg
$12.98 medium fruit each (approx.) $9.99 per kg
Peas Snowpeas
$4.00 per 100g $39.99 per kg
Pears Packham/​Williams
$2.51 each (approx.) $13.99 per kg
Pears Nashi
$4.24 each (approx.) $16.99 per kg
Market Picks
Peaches White
$4.68 each (approx.) $26.00 per kg
$6.00 Per cut (approx.) $12.00 per kg
Oranges Valencia Premium Large
$2.23 each (approx.) $7.99 per kg
Oranges Net, Ea
$16.99 each
Onions Red
$2.59 each (approx.) $9.99 per kg
Onions Brown
$1.75 each (approx.) $7.99 per kg
Mushrooms Loose White
$3.80 per 100g $38.00 per kg
Mushrooms Loose Flat
$4.00 per 100g $39.99 per kg
Mushroom Punnet White 180g
$7.99 each
Mushroom Punnet Swiss Brown 180g
$7.99 each
Mushroom Punnet Portobello 375g
$12.00 each
Mushroom Punnet Oyster 150g
$7.99 each
Mushroom Punnet Flat 180g
$7.99 each
Mangoes Kensington Pride Large
$6.99 each
Mango R2e2 Jumbo
$8.99 each
Mandarins Affourer
$1.53 each (approx.) $13.99 per kg
Loose Baby Spinach
$3.00 per 100g $29.99 per kg
Limes Tahitian
$2.40 each (approx.) $24.00 per kg
Local Produce
Lettuce Mini Cos
$3.99 each
Local Produce
Lettuce Iceberg
$5.50 each
Local Produce
Lettuce Green Oak
$3.99 each
Local Produce
Lettuce Cos
$5.50 each
Local Produce
Lettuce Butter Leaf
$3.99 each
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