Viking Organic Gouda Goat’s Milk Cheese 200g

$8.69 each
Gluten Free


Viking Organics lactose-free organic cheeses, made from goat’s milk and sheep’s milk. Kondov Ecoproduction’s award-winning, lactose-free cheeses are a direct translation of the clean, green and spectacular slopes of the Balkan mountain range. The rich, authentic taste of these organic cheeses is thanks to the vast array of wild herbs, flowers and local plants that our goats and sheep freely graze on. Kondov Ecoproduction operates in the picturesque meadows of the Balkan mountain range. In keeping to the centuries-old tradition of Bulgarian dairy production, the company works in harmony with the local environment to ensure its purity. A certified organic processor since 2006, Kondov Ecoproduction has long focused on high-quality lactose-free sheep and goats milk – earning them a top spot for organic food production in Bulgaria.


Organic Goats Milk (98.97%), Sea Salt (1%), Calcium Chloride (0.025%), Microbial Enzymes (0.004%), Starter Culture (0.001%).