Pastabilities Lasagne Beef 1kg

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Description: Traditional beef lasagne based on an authentic recipe. 5 sheets of fresh egg pasta, layered with hearty portions of ragu (meat sauce) and béchamel. Ingredients: Filling: Tomatoes, Meat (Topside Beef 17%), Pancetta (4%)(Pork, Salt, Dextrose, Sugar, Spices, Flavours, Starter Culture, Soy, Cow's Milk, Sodium Nitrite [250], Sodium Nitrate [251]), Chicken Livers (3%), Onions, Carrots, Red Wine, Vegetable Oil, Brandy, Garlic, Tomato Paste, Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg, Herbs Pasta: Flour (Wheat), Eggs, Salt, Vegetable Oil Bechamel Sauce: Reduced Fat Milk, Italian Parmesan (Milk, Salt, Rennet), Flour (Wheat), Butter (Cream, Water, Salt), Salt Cooking Instructions: Can be cooked from frozen or thawed state (thaw under refrigeration). Preheat oven to 200°c. Remove lid. Place in oven and heat 1 hour from frozen or 25 minutes if thawed. Allow to rest for 10 minutes before slicing.

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