Nolans Road Olive Oil Delicate 250mL

$19.99 each


Nolans Road Delicate is a blend of mainly verdale, benito and arbequina varietels. The result is a beautifully balanced extra virgin olive oil with soft floral notes on the nose, an upfront sweetness and a subtle pepperiness. Like all of their oils, it is bottled unfiltered. The fruitiness and creamy palate of Nolans Road Delicate makes it terrifically versatile, ideal for everything from dipping to baking. As Kylie Kwong demonstrates every night in her restaurant, Billy Kwong, it is as much at home with Asian flavours as it is in western cuisines. Each growing season yields up olive oil of different flavour intensity depending on the weather and rainfall. Once pressed, we allow our oils to settle naturally over the winter months then assess each oil which gives us the opportunity to blend different varieties to achieve our characteristic Delicate style. We are thrilled to have a partnership with a long established certified organic grower who is as passionate as we are about quality and sustainability.

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