Lettuce Mini Cos

$3.99 each
Certified Organic Produce
Local Produce

Australian Grown

Dennis Bagnall – Dapto and Albion Park, N.S.W.

Dennis has been growing veggies for most of his life and is as fascinated by soil as he is by the things that grow out of it. Only 1 hour from Sydney, his produce is as fresh and as local as it gets – he picks it the day before it hits our shelves. Growing a wide range of veggies from Asian greens, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, mustard greens, cabbages, tomatoes, radishes just to name a few, he is able to work with the seasons to stay productive. Dennis is a great friend of our company and we know you’ll enjoy his produce as much as we do!

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Dear Valued Customer,

We have unfortunately experienced disruptions to our supply chain this week from COVID-19.

Chicken is in very short supply across the country and our primary herbs/lettuce greens supplier has had to close for a week. We have made items unavailable that are out of stock for the time being and will do our best to secure short-supplied items for you. 

As always, we will endeavour to contact you via phone or text message for substitutes should your selection be unavailable.

Thank you for your patience and support throughout this challenging time.

Warm regards,
Wholefoods House Online Team