Jannei Fetta Goats Per Kg

Approximately $27.27 Per Pack $143.55 per kg


Description: Jannei Fetta is made with 100% goat milk. It is a firm but soft cheese and slice-able. It has the sweet taste of summer milk even though brined in 10% salt like a traditional Fetta but Goat’s milk fetta is naturally white not bleached like other fetta can be. There is no carotin (the yellow colour in cows cheese) in goat’s milk so our fetta is pure white with no treatments! Jannei fetta has a lovely nutty flavour It is also excellent for marinating with a quality infused olive oil. It is an excellent cheese for use in recipes winter or summer! Vacuum sealed it has a best before date of 8weeks, but it will last longer because of its salt content. It gives zest and body to a winter salad. It makes a light and satisfying pasta. Just add it to a favourite pasta or gnocchi recipe. A savoury tart is another great use.

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