Inglewood Chicken Stir Fry Kg

Approximately $18.28 Per Pack $34.49 per kg
Gluten Free


Evenly sliced and cut only from breast meat, their stirfry strips are a quick dinner solution for those with a busy lifestyle. Stirfry strips are perfect for flash frying but shouldn’t be limited to just Stirfrys. Try them in noodle dishes, soups, curries, salads, pastas, burritos, fajitas and even as the perfect pizza topper! Living almost twice as long as regular chicken, Inglewood Organic Chickens grow at nature’s pace, in the fresh air and sunshine. Their condition is a testament to their overall health and Certified Organic diet.


350g-550g per packet. *This product is priced per kg, therefore is subject to price change based off the size of the packet*