Inglewood Chicken Mince Kg

Approximately $15.38 Per Pack $28.49 per kg
Gluten Free


Mince that tastes this good, is only possible when made from the highest quality chicken – that is Inglewood Organic Chicken. Mince can be rolled into balls and burger patties, added to soups and curries, mixed into warm salads and savoury mince dishes, pressed into the filling for pastries and Asian inspired dumplings, added to pastas and pies, and the list goes on! Free-Range and Certified Organic, their chicken is not only tasty, but reared with care as well. This takes extra time, but they believe it is well worth the effort. We believe Inglewood Organic Chicken tastes like the chicken used to taste in the good old days, before intensive farming became the norm.


Approximately 400g-450g per packet. *This product is priced per kg, therefore is subject to price change based off the size of the packet*