Healthybake Oatbran Sourdough 600g

$12.99 each


Oatbran Sourdough is packed with dietary fibre as it contains the oat bran which is the outer husk of the grain that is usually discarded in the milling process. The bran not only contains the healthy dietary fibre but also is rich in minerals and imparts a lovely nutty taste to the bread. Notably oats have a range of healthy cholesterol lowering properties. The U.S Food and Drug Administration claims that oats, as part of an overall heart healthy diet, could lower the risk of heart disease. *LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE - email for pre-order*


Organic Wholemeal Oat Flour, Rye Sourdough, Organic Spelt (Wheat) Flour, Wheat Gluten, Organic Oat Bran Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Vinegar, Soy Lecithin. ALLERGENS: Wheat, Gluten, Soy. MAY BE PRESENT: Sesame.

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