Frequency Rainbow Water 1L

$4.49 each


The ultimate frequency water. We combined the waters from two aquifers in remote Northern Queensland to create the finest mineral water on Earth. In a celebration of science and art we put it through a three-stage kinetic and electromagnetic process infusing it with the healing color spectrum between 430 and 770THz the frequency of a RAINBOW and chakra tones ranging 200 to 900Hz. The source so pure it requires no micro purification with the benefit being a natural mineral content of 350 parts per million. Quite possibly be the most luxurious product in the world, the world’s first RAINBOW rainbow water and the most dynamic beverage in the Universe Rainbow is a mineral water with the following typical analysis. Bicarbonate 157 Calcium 44 Magnesium 27 Sodium 28 Chloride 42 Silica 21

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