Food To Nourish Choc Chip Bliss Bar 40g

$4.89 each
Gluten Free


Plant based, gluten free, certified organic, refined sugar free and sprouted cashews! All of the flavour of choc chip cookie dough without any of the nasties! Food To Nourish have combined organic sprouted cashew butter with organic medjool dates, organic coconut and a pinch of sea salt. Then they added the best organic dark chocolate chips they could find. What is sprouting? Sprouting is basically the germination or sprouting of nuts and seeds and results in a nut that tastes so much better than its roasted counter part! The nut is much crunchier in texture and adds a delicious flavour to their Bliss Bars.


Organic sprouted cashews, organic medjool dates, organic dark chocolate [9%] (organic raw cacao paste, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter, cacao solids 64%), organic coconut flakes and Himalayan salt.