Delouis Mustard Dijon 200g

$7.25 each


Mustard Seeds, Vinegar, Water, Sea Salt *Indicates products from organic farming

Smooth and full flavoured quality Dijon mustard made in the traditional manner. With a wonderfully smooth texture and typical mustard smell and colour. Taste? Well, Delouis Organic Dijon mustard is full flavoured with only a small bite.

The secret to delicious Delouis mustard is that before the mustard seeds are crushed to make the Dijon mustard, the seeds are soaked in Verjuice. This gives Delouis mustard a unique, genuine, non-factory made taste that does not contain additives, preservatives, sulphites or turmeric for artificial colour, just pure taste and flavour.

A great base for a marinade, a condiment to your sandwich, or meat dish, or best yet, added to your salad dressing.

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