Coyo Yoghurt Frozen Mango 500mL

$10.99 each
Gluten Free


‘Mmmm’ stands for Mango! Introducing our melt-in-your-mouth Mango flavour, the pinnacle of fruity freshness. This fun-loving flavour offers the sweet juiciness of mango with deliciously nutrious organic coconut milk. Packed with billions of BB-12® plant powered probiotics in every tub and made with real fruit, your gut will thank you with every refreshing, creamy scoop of our Organic Dairy Free Frozen Yoghurt.


Organic Coconut Milk (65%), Organic Mango (7.5%), Organic Raw Sugar, Organic Coconut Water, Reconstituted Mango (1.2%), Chicory Root Fibre, Organic Starch, Vegetable Fibre, Natural Flavours, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Vegetable Gum (Guar gum), Starter Culture, Lactobacillus paracasei.