Clipper Tea Peppermint Infusion 20's

$7.99 each
Gluten Free


A light, distinctive and highly refreshing infusion with a crisp, clean and cool taste. Naturally caffeine-free.

Clipper products are sourced and made with a clear conscience. They are the pioneers of unbleached, plant-based and biodegradable tea bags and always strive to make things better for people and the planet.
Making the world a fairer place sip by sip.

Tea is the world's second most consumed beverage after water, with 70,000 cups enjoyed every second. However, tea workers often face challenges in receiving fair compensation.

As the UK's largest Fairtrade tea brand, Clipper has been a pioneer since 1994. Over the past 25 years, consumers purchasing Clipper Fairtrade tea have enabled them to contribute towards and support workers' rights, ensures fair wages for farmers, and provide opportunities for their families and communities.

By buying Clipper Fairtrade tea, you directly contribute to improving education, health, and housing standards through Fairtrade premiums.


Organically Grown Peppermint.