Ceres Organics Mustard American 200g

$6.35 each
Gluten Free


Ceres Organics American Mustard is a meticulously crafted blend of yellow/white and oriental mustard varieties, expertly ground and enriched with a flavorful combination of spices. This includes onion, black pepper, curry, cloves, and nutmeg, each contributing to its complex taste profile. The addition of turmeric not only lends its vibrant yellow color but also adds a subtle earthy note to the mustard.

This delicious version of American Mustard is perfect for spreading on sandwiches or adding a dollop to hotdogs. This condiment is sure to enhance your favourite dishes with its zesty kick and irresistible flavour!


Water, Mustard Seeds*(17%), Spirit Vinegar*, Cane Sugar*, Sea salt, Spices*, Onion*
*Certified Organic