C Coconut Water Organic 1L

$6.79 each
Gluten Free


Naked as the day it was harvested, for 100% natural, certified organic body fuel. Coconut water is packed with five essential electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus) - the perfect way to hydrate! A natural isotonic beverage for the ultimate post-workout replenishment and healthy, happy living.
C Coconut are a proud team of coconuteers, obssessed about bringing you the best tasting coconut water around.

As australia’s first producer of 100% organic coconut water, they go to great lengths to respect mother nature and retain the natural flavour and goodness of the coconut. They are proud supporters of sustainable farming in the philippines too. the local farmers we work with, are just as passionate as they are.

Their products are packaged with extra care and designed to keep your cocount water as fresh as the day it was harvested.. But don’t worry - they'll do the tree climbing 😉


100% Organic Coconut Water.