Bun Coffee Organic Espresso Blend 250g

$16.79 each
Gluten Free


Strong, powerful yet beautifully balanced and smooth with a dark chocolate finish. This rich blend will satisfy anyone looking for an Italian-style espresso blend coffee with a real kick.

Bun Coffee are proud of their espresso blend. It is free of chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides. Bun Coffee proudly supplies coffee beans Australia wide. And the beauty of their espresso is that the coffee tastes the way nature intended it to.

With 24 years of roasting and serving coffee in Byron Bay and all over Australia, it has taught Bun Coffee that Australians want taste and strength from their daily grind. And this is exactly what they have captured in this strong espresso blend coffee beans, available for you to try!

All of their blends without exception are sourced from farms in Australia and around the world that follow sustainable and ethical business practices.

Bun Coffee want their customers to enjoy more than a cup of coffee - they want them to also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing where it is sourced from. They have a wide variety of single origin coffee beans to choose from.


100% Certified Organic Coffee Beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nicaragua & PNG.