Bun Coffee Decaf Organic Plunger/Filter 250g

$15.79 each
Gluten Free


Smooth and sweet, with exceptional flavour, you’d never guess it’s decaffeinated! This 100% organic coffee is shade grown, Fair Trade, and decaffeinated using the 100% chemical-free swiss water process. The cup is medium bodied and creamy, with a nice balance between the acidity, a small amount of fruitiness and a mild sweetness.

Decaf coffee shouldn’t be a subpar cup, simply because the coffee beans are decaffeinated. But with a silky smooth and slightly sweet taste, Bun Coffee decaf beans are the right amount of delicious. And because they’re 99.9% caffeine-free, you’ll have no trouble pouring a second mug!

From seed to cup, this organic decaf coffee is masterfully roasted in Australia. Bun Coffee use the environmentally friendly Swiss Water Process to effectively remove the caffeine content from their beans. All it takes is time, heat and clean water – no nasty chemicals or taste-altering additional ingredients here. Additionally, their coffees are sustainably grown and pesticide-free ensuring there are no lasting negative impacts on the surrounding ecosystem.


100% Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee – 99.9% Caffeine Free.