Buchi Kombucha Hibiscus & Galangal 375mL

$6.39 each
Gluten Free


Hibiscus gives a tangy & refreshing flavour whilst providing an anti-oxidant boost. Galangal provides immune boosting health benefits similar to ginger. A floral blend of sweet, tart and a slight kiss of peppery spice.

What is Kombucha?
Brewed for 2000+ years, kombucha is a tea fermented with a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria & Yeast, called a SCOBY or 'Mother', resulting in a traditional living beverage. With a unique blend of probiotics, organic acids & enzymes said to detoxify the body & support gut health, kombucha acts like an adaptogen to aid your body in restoring it’s natural balance.


Organic Raw Kombucha 98.5% (filtered water, black/green tea, raw sugar & kombucha cultures)*, galangal juice (<1%), hibiscus powder & tea*(<1%).**

* Certified Organic
**Carbon dioxide added at time of bottling