Brookfarm Gluten Free Macadamia/Cranberry Muesli 350g

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Gluten Free


This oven baked gluten free muesli combines antioxidant rich cranberries with the crunchy texture of macadamias, protein rich quinoa, Australian gluten free grains and brans. These are lightly toasted with Australian bush honey and just a touch of Brookfarm's premium macadamia oil. Nutritious sultanas and natural currants from Australia’s finest fruit growing regions are then added. Ingredients: Rolled oats, honey, barley flakes, macadamia oil, rice bran, macadamia nuts (7%), sunflower kernels, barley bran, oat bran, natural sultanas, currants, dried cranberries (4%) [cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil], wheat germ, pumpkin kernels, prune juice, cinnamon. Allergens: Tree nuts, wheat, cereals containing gluten

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