Bondi Circus Coffee Nitro Black 250ml

$4.35 each
Locally Made

Bondi Circus Nitro Black:

Whether you’re a surfer on a penny-farthing or you’re just kicking back watching all the Bondi characters pass you by, Bondi Circus Nitro Black is sure to delight.

Bondi Circus takes their delicious freshly brewed coffee, infuse it with inert nitrogen (which imparts no flavours but gives it a creamy mouthfeel) then seal it up. It’s as simple as that. All you need to do is shake the can vigorously, rest it for 30 secs, crack it open (watch the pop) and enjoy the cascading waves of refreshment!

Bondi Circus Nitro Black is dairy-free and with no added sugar! Born in Bondi, delicious anywhere.


Freshly brewed coffee (filtered water, speciality grade arabica coffee) 100%

Contains naturally occurring caffeine.

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