Barbell Dried Steak Benchmark 70g

$12.99 each
Gluten Free


Like jerky, biltong is chewy, spicy dried beef. It’s dried slower, though, without heat, so it’s softer. And now that you know what makes biltong different to jerky, let’s learn what makes Barbell Biltong better than the rest. It starts with the beef they use: all Australian, Certified Organic, and not just fed but finished on over 250 different indigenous grasses and other plants. Then the Barbell Boys get to work, soaking the steaks in spiced vinegar overnight to cure them, pounding in even more spice, and hanging them up to dry for a whole week. By the time they’re sliced and bagged, they’ve lost over three-fifths of their weight in water, leaving behind an intensely spicy biltong that’s perfect as a protein-rich, low-carb snack or sustainable nutrition for the trail.


Beef, Vinegar, Sea Salt, Coriander Seed, Black Pepper, Cloves, Cayenne Pepper, Rosemary Extract.

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