Other Frozen

Mattys (​Paddy the Baker) Pizza Base Sourdough 2pc
$12.55 each
Careme Pastry Puff 375g
$12.65 each
Gluten Free
Gluten Freedom Pizza Base 2pk 400g
$10.45 each
Mattys (​Paddy the Baker) Pizza Base Spelt Organic 2pc
$12.55 each
Mattys (​Paddy the Baker) Pizza Base Wheat Free Organic 2pc
$12.55 each
Pasty - Spelt Puff Pastry 375g
$12.95 each
Careme Pastry Sour Cream 450g
$12.65 each
Mattys (​Paddy the Baker) Pizza Base Low Carb 2pc
$12.55 each
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