The Canadian Way Salmon Wild Smoked 250g

$44.35 each

This size feeds 2-3 comfortably. It is great for Canape' appetizers and small dinner entree's. Thinly sliced slivers are ready to eat. All you need is a thin serving knife and cocktail fork to peal the slivers away and serve directly off the Golden cardboard tray. Curl them up for display and enjoy.

Considered the best in the World because of its rich wild flavour and lower fatty content, this rare fish is a treat in itself. No other type of salmon can boast the quality of the Wild Sockeye Salmon(Studies show there is less Mercury content in Sockeye than other Salmon types). A Top shelf premium product in a league of it's own. Our Canadian Wild Smoked Sockeye Salmon is caught in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean along British Columbia's coast and is also Kosher Certified and Oceanwise Certified.

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