Pandas by Luvme ECO Disposable BAMBOO Nappies SMALL 3-6kg 20's

$25.99 each

“The Panda Eco Nappy by LuvMe is a daily choice you can feel good about making, for your baby, for yourself, for the earth and future generations.”

Our nappies take between 90-120 days to biodegrade depending on the environmental conditions and each component of the nappy too. Our bamboo component and core of our eco nappies will take only 45 days.


100% Bamboo biodegradable sheet 85% biodegradable Plant Based materials Touch to dry quilted inner core 360 degree absorb-pad High Flexi Waistband Plant based pulp from responsible forestry Elastic Side high double leg gusset Food Safe, Plant based ink print on outside of each nappy Eco friendly packaging with 70% less plastic

Australian owned and operated

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