Mulloon Creek Eggs Doz 800g

$15.95 each

Happy Hens At Mulloon Creek Natural Farms we’ve been giving our hens the best life we can since we began producing organic free-range eggs in 2004.

We keep less than 250 birds per hectare* so our lucky hens have more space than many free-range operations. The Australian Government's free-range maximum is 10,000 birds per hectare while the organic standard is 1500 birds per hectare.

We run cattle through each paddock before a new chicken flock goes in, to keep the grass down and add fertility to the soil. The birds love scratching around in the manure for tasty bugs, spreading it across the paddock as natural fertiliser as they go.

Our chooks eat a diet of organic feed, shell grit and water, and forage for beetles, worms and grasses in the paddock. Their food and water is placed outside the sheds so they have to go outside to eat. No sitting inside all day for these birds!

After a day of roaming free in their paddocks our hens return to their mobile hen houses to roost safely away from foxes. The purpose-built sheds are used for shelter, roosting and egg-laying and are moved to fresh pasture regularly. The sheds have open bottoms above the ground, so the hens are never locked up.

Our flocks are made up of ISA Brown and Australorp breeds that are constantly under the watchful eye of their Maremma guardian dogs who are specially bonded to each flock to guard and protect them.

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