Momma K Hummus Probiotic Orig 200g

$9.45 each
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Momma Kombucha's probiotic hummus dips are made fresh with their mature kombucha vinegar, which is teaming with good bacterias and probiotics.

Enjoy as a snack any time of day with slices of cucumber, capsicum and crackers. It also goes beautifully on sandwiches and rolls.

Perfect as a probiotic, plant-based protein supplement. Momma Kombucha make all of their products fresh, in their kombucha kitchen, in Brookvale, with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.


Chickpeas, tahini, kombucha vinegar, olive oil, fresh lemon Juice, salt, garlic, cumin, baking soda

Allergy Advice:

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, RSF, EGG & NUT-FREE, 100% VEGAN.