Mindful Foods Tea Immuni 110g

$15.35 each


Like an ancient game of Space Invaders, the immune system is your body's way of keeping yourself unharmed from the marauding pathogenic armies outside. In order to maintain a healthy internal balance, your immune system uses ceratin signals and pathways which can be summoned with the right botanicals. We have secured nature's bounty for the most potent herbs, in order to give your body its best shot at supporting your immune system and staying healthy! For best results drink each day/night. Support Your Health!


Elderberry * Ginger * Cinnamon, Tulsi * Juniper * Jasmine * Fennel * Astragalus Reishi * Peppermint * Oregano * Olive Leaf *

*=Certified organic ingredient;

Made in Australia from imported ingredients.

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