Frozen Sunshine Iceblock Coconut Ginger 4 x 80mL

$14.49 each
Gluten Free


Start smackin’ your lips together cos I’m a perfect blend of creamy rich coconut with hints of ginger. One tease and I’ll have you weak at the knees.

Get a load of Frozen Sunshine's fresh ginger and rich creamy coconut ensemble. Let your senses go wild for this block of heaven on ice.
They say great business ideas come from solving a common problem. The founders of Frozen Sunshine's family, (and many others), struggled to find a healthier ice block that still tasted like a delicious treat. So on a freezing Winter’s day in 2014, they brought the Sunshine. When life handed them the Sunshine Coast, they began handing it delicious chef quality ice blocks.


Water, Coconut Cream (34%), Sugar, Ginger Juice (8%), Dextrose, Tapioca Starch, Sea Salt, Organic Guar Gum, Food Acid (Citric).

Allergens: May contain soy.