Fish 4 Ever Salmon Red 213g

$17.99 each


Red Salmon (99%)(With Skin & Bones), Salt


Red (sockeye salmon) eat a lot of krill (tiny shrimps) and that's where their beautiful colour comes from. Our Red Salmon is rich in Omega 3 oils and the bones of the fish are a great source of calcium. Salmon is also one of the few dietary sources of Vitamin D.

Red Salmon has a stronger flavour than our delicate Pink Salmon and is perfect to cook with or simply enjoy in a fresh salad.

Our Red Salmon is fished in the pristine Pacific waters of Alaska with purse seine nets. There is no by-catch with this method and the total catch is controlled and monitored in a very proactive way by the Alaskan fishery authorities. Our accreditation is the Alaska FAO Responsible Fisheries Management accreditation.

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