The Fermentary Kim Chi 350g

$18.99 each
Asian Foods

The Original Kimchi:

Tradition, life and generous flavour unite in our wild fermented, raw kimchi - packed with gut-loving bacteria. This labour of love is rich in smoky Korean chilli, garlic and ginger, and gives unrivalled intensity and complexities of flavour.

Our kimchi is a labour of love and is now oft-touted as the BEST kimchi by kimchi buyers around. Is it because we peel the Australian organic garlic right here at The Ferm? (It's A LOT of garlic). Or all of the gorgeous ginger and pure smokey Korean chilli? Maybe it's the vibe we put into it; because on kimchi-making day everyone is happy. The aroma is big and we enjoy standing together, chatting and peeling and hand chopping.

We only use the best, naturally and slow-fermented fish sauce by Red Boat - with but 3 ingredients: anchovies, salt and TIME. Add a touch of organic slow-fermented tamari, a pinch of raw organic sugar, daikon, carrots, spring onions and wombok