Biotta Breuss Veg Mix 500ml

$12.25 each


Breuss® Vegetable Juice blends all the benefits of beet, carrot, celery root, potato and radish juices into one delicious juice!

Featured in Dr. Breuss’ book The Breuss Cancer Cure: Advice for the Prevention and Natural Treatment of Cancer, Leukemia, and Other Seemingly Incurable Diseases Breuss’ book theorizes that cancer feeds and grows on protein, and that fasting, therefore, could detoxify and cleanse the body, while starving the cancer (link) The Breuss Total Cancer Treatment is a very rigid diet of fruits, vegetables and herbs Excellent source of Potassium (26% DV) High potassium diets are associated with a 20% decreased risk of dying from all causes (article) Suited to fasting regimens.


Organic Beetroot Juice (Lacto-Fermented), Organic Carrot Juice (Lacto-Fermented), Organic Celery Root Juice (Lacto-Fermented), Organic Potato Juice (Lacto-Fermented), Organic Radish Juice, Natural L(+) Lactic Acid.

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