Organigrow Eggs Organic Dozen 700g

$14.99 each
Gluten Free


Description: Why buy Organigrow Certified Organic Free Range Eggs? We are Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Organigrow strives to exceed the ACO standards by improving the welfare of our hens. Our hens are fed Certified Organic Vegetarian feed. Often other free range organic eggs are fed meat meal from non-organic sources. Our eggs and hens are Free from Hormones, Chemicals, Antibiotics, and GMO’s. You can be assured of this because we are fully certified organic and we raise the chicks from day old. Our hens are Free Range all day, free to roam on vast organic pastures with lots of lush herbs and grass. Our stocking density is less than 600 birds per hectare! Pasture fed eggs (as are Organigrow eggs!) may contain more goodness than non-pasture fed eggs. ……..See study on pasture fed eggs-to the right. We are Carbon Neutral- all greenhouse gases produced are offset by plantations of tall rainforest trees on the farm. Unlike other larger organic and free range producers we do not de-beak Because we give our hens an idyllic environment with plenty to occupy them and don’t overcrowd them there is no need to mutilate their beaks to stop them attacking each other Organigrow is an Australian family owned and run small farm. Three generations of our family work, play and live on the farm. We also provide new jobs and traineeships for our local community.
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