Dairy Free Milks

New at Wholefoods House
H.​Alt Hemp Milk Barista 1lt
$6.55 each
New at Wholefoods House
OMG Milk Oat Long Life 1L
$5.99 each
Mandole Milk Almond Unsweetened1L
Vegan Friendly
$6.99 each
Almo Almond Milk 1lt
$8.35 each
Pure Harvest Milk Coco Quench 1L
$4.45 each
Pure Harvest Oat Milk 1L
$3.85 each
Omg Milk Oat 1lt
$5.99 each
Gluten Free
Pure Harvest Malt Free Soy 1L
$3.85 each
Minor Figures Milk Oat Organic 1L
$5.99 each
Minor Figures Milk Oat 1L
$5.75 each
Spiral Bonsoy 1L
$4.99 each
Spiral Bonsoy 6 X 1L
$28.99 each
Oatly Oat Milk Barista 1L
$5.85 each
Pure Harvest Milk Almond 1L
$5.99 each
Suncoast Milk Macadamia Unsweetened 1L
$5.65 each
Gluten Free
Almo Almond Crè​me 250g
Vegan Friendly
$21.99 each
Minor Figures Milk Barista Oat Light 1L
$5.75 each
Nutty Bruce Milk Coconut 1l
$5.95 each
Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk 250ml
$3.99 each
Ecomil Hemp Milk Natural 1L
$8.85 each
Rebel Mylk Barista Org 1lt
$6.99 each
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